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Orme University Retreat provides all the facilities and activities that an independent traveler could want. It is also a postgraduate research facility and some of the fares are rented by longer term residents. With a combination of researchers, longer-term residents and visitors looking for a peaceful getaway you are guaranteed to meet an interesting mix of people during your stay.

You can remain in Vanuatu for up to four months on a tourist visa without the need to apply for any residency permits. Research permits may be required for people who wish to undertake research within Vanuatu but are not otherwise needed.

The Director of Research at Orme University Retreat is Harvey Wallace-Williams. He will facilitate your stay, and can provide you with information if you wish to remain at Orme University Retreat for more than 4 months or if you wish to apply for a Vanuatu research permit.

Visiting researchers will need to bring their own laptops and any other equipment required for their research.

Researchers are encouraged to provide a free public lecture during their stay.

To contact Harvey Wallace-Williams click here

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