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That is according to the human evolution theory that says that the animal used to look the same and had similar behaviours.

Chimpanzees notably the Bonobos are found on the Democratic Republic of Congo whereas the others are natives of the West and Central Africa. The Bonobos are distinguished from the others through anatomical differences. The Bonobos are light in color and their sexual and social behaviour is different from the others. The other kind moves in troops led by an alpha male and contains its omnivorous diet. Bonobos tend to have frequent sex so as to solve their conflicts. No matter how the others are sometimes highly competitive.

Chimpanzees are very intelligent and make their own tools that they use to hunt and for social screens. They can be easily tamed and they understand human language and symbols after some bits of training. Their laughter is sadistic and it is adapted to that of the people. The adults are usually aggressive and territorial and they’re sometimes known to kill others. They kill lower order primates such as the red colobus and bush babies and use their meat as societal tool for interaction in their community. The animals are kept as pets in some African communities though this is highly discouraged.

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