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Hippo facts tell us that the title, Hippopotamus, has Greek roots and means”water or river horse.”

The biggest is the elephant.

There are two distinct kinds of hippos, the common hippo and the pygmy hippo, which is a lot smaller.

Hippos have a unique membrane over their eyes that permits them to see underwater.

Hippo facts tell us that a hippo cannot float.

Hippos are said to sweat blood, because when it is hot, they exude a red fluid which resembles blood. It’s not blood but a sort of mucous that protects the hippo from the sun.

Hippos are nocturnal, resting during the day (usually in water) and hunting at night.

A hippo eats eighty-eight pounds of food every day.

Hippos eat fruit and grass.

Hippos can strain on land or in the water.

Pigmy hippos only reside in West Africa.

A baby hippo can weigh around sixty to eighty pounds when it is born.

Baby hippos can only breathe underwater for about forty seconds.

When hippos do give birth they leave the herd for up to fourteen days, until the calf is strong enough to join the mother on property.

Every herd has a lot of bulls but only one is dominant.

A hippo can live to be as old as forty-five years.

Among the most interesting hippo truth is that the teeth of a hippopotamus never stop growing. Teeth can grow to be as much as three feet .

Male hippos struggle with one another for dominance.

Hippos are being poached regularly for their ivory tusks. They’re also killed for meat.

Hippos aren’t endangered but they are headed in that direction.

Hippo facts show the pigmy hippo only weighs 450-600 lbs.

A hippo drinks around fifty-six gallons of water every day.

Hippos can run as fast as 30 mph.

Some hippos grow to be up to fifteen feet long.

At the National Zoo in Washington, every day hippos eat thirty-five pounds of hay, 1-1/2 lbs of fruit, seven pounds of herbivore grain pellets, and three pounds of vegetables.

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