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Native to Australia and New Zealand the Kookaburra bird is a big bird (28-42 cm in length and 11-17 inches in height). They’ve a distinct call which sounds like a loud echoing human bliss, these birds are good-natured if not hysterical. You generally will not find this bird by water but they can be seen in a humid forest surrounding where food is easily accessible.

Kookaburra are carnivorous, their diet include lizards, snakes, insects, and raw meat, The Kookaburra is a territorial bird and they can often be found living with partly grown chicks from the former mating season. Wild Kookaburras will eat babybirds, snakes, insects, small reptiles and other birds such as finches.

Despite the fact that these birds are found only in a relatively small portion of the world their distinctive sound can be found from the soundtrack”jungle sound”, they’re also used in movies and television as well as being seen in certain Disney park attractions. Also you can find these birds in popular video games such as Battle toads and World of War craft.

They may also be found on postage stamps, the first postage stamp with a Kookaburra was issued as a 6 penny stamp issued in 1914, and also a 38c Austrian stamp with a set of Kookaburra on it had been issued around 1990. Also back in 1990 Australia dedicated a coin to this bird.

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